Vikunija's transportation fleet consists of its own vehicles, tautliners and refrigerators semi-trailers also own trucks. We can carry different types of cargoes, the transportation of which requires additional care and attention. Refrigerator semi-trailers have temperature fixing devices and ATP certificates (perishable products transport approvals). All trucks are technically sound, equipped with GPS monitoring devices that quickly reports cargo movement.

Presently Vikunija operates:

  • Trucks meeting EURO 3 - 6 standards
  • Refrigerator and tilt semi-trailers

Refrigerator semi-trailers:

  • 13,36m x 2,65m x 2,46m and 2,48m
  • For foodstuffs and other cargoes requiring special transportation conditions
  • Maintain temperature from -25°C to +25°C
  • All semi-trailers are equipped with thermographs
  • Capacity – up to 33 euro-pallets
  • Payload weight – 23 tons

Tilt semi-trailers:

  • 13,6m x 2,72m x 2,48m
  • Capacity – up to 33 euro-pallets
  • Payload volume – 92 m3
  • Payload weight – 24 tons